Saturday, 8 December 2012


                       December being the last month of the year surges in me a blend of happiness and sadness.Happiness because I get to celebrate my birthday,christmas and 31st night.Sadness because ,well that is what I've tried to pen down:
                       They say, “change is the only constant ”. However, when this change is quite sudden and unwelcoming then it leaves one amazed. About life and its uncertainty there is only very little to speak.
                        My grandfather, a man in his early eighties, like everybody’s grandfather was so terribly old that he could not have turned older. What was unlikely was that he never looked so old-with few wrinkles, few grey hairs, concealing his age. Yet his “gravity ruled our hands”. At an early age life for him was no less than a struggle, which I gather, taught him to be a hero in the strife!
                        He was like a father to his four brothers. He was a rail employee and with immense pain and labour, he had managed to build a beautiful house in  a small village in the outskirts of Durgapur. (It was only around last year that we left this house and came over to our place, here in Bidhannagar for reasons pertaining to my studies.)
                     He was like the farmer nursing the curling leaves of the newly grown grape vines-so loving ,ever caring-his presence was all warmth .Whenever  he was around I felt positive vibes gripping me,  eroding all gloom. My summer evenings went by gently and happily sitting in the veranda and taking grammar lessons from him. My brother (cousin) and I never bothered to learn much but loved his fervor to teach us. We remember how he would resort to his old fat favourite grammar book by P.K. De Sarkar and would deny looking at the modern versions of British English. And he would remark”grammar-er abar ki change re?” .Though antiquated yet genuine was something that added a feather to his hat. I have heard from my father that he had been a brilliant student .And the love he bore for learning showed up even in his old age.
                      As the senior most person of the house, he never stopped worrying for the younger ones-be it my father (who is quite old to take care of himself!) or my brother or me. Whenever my brother would be late from his tuitions grandpa’s restless heart would not let him stay at home. He went and sat by the national highway (just beside our village home) waiting eagerly for brother to return.
                                   “empty roads seem longer and darker
                                          Even more silent your empty room
                                     The evening sun did set but…
                                           It did not rise with you again.
                                   ‘ I dream I am at the ghat of the only world
                                          Today it’s only me and me alone…
                                   No old hands to hold ,no time to look back 
                                         The bed is laid for me
                                   Now all I want is rest in peace.’        “
                      Now that he is not amongst us, I can feel how vast the void is. Christmas is near with no bells, no cherries, no stars, no cakes, no mirth and no grandpa… he didn’t like my mother wearing salwar. That day when my mother was dressed in one I was about to tell her “grandfather is not going to like it.” All silences silenced for I realized there was no grandfather! His death makes me realize once again that we are humans who must die, but should not live like cowards-“cowards die many times before their death, the valiant never taste of death but once.”
                   It’s only when we truly know and understand that we have limited time on earth-and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up-that we will begin to live life each day to the fullest
As if it was the only one we had.
                     December kind of knocks me asking :' Did you live each day to the fullest ;not partying or idling but making life more meaningful?' ...Did I?



  1. I was expecting such a job from you lately.... I love to read and guess what...I have found a resort. To write, there s many, but to feel there s less...your words with the intimate touch of both skll,and feel bring magic dear.... December is indeed a month, the way you have described.

    1. Well it's good to know I have someone who wants to give ears to what I blabber...

  2. It was very good and the language you have used yo describe is just awesome!!!. I really liked it..

  3. A very serious topic to start off!
    still, a very good treatment. :)
    I never anticipated such a dark shade of December, n u did full justice in bringing that out brilliantly.
    Welcome to the world of blogging!